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基本参数: 1206 16KΩ ±1% 1/4W ,F 1206 16K


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RS-06K1602FT is a popular electronic component, commonly used in various electronic devices and circuits. It is a resistor with a resistance value of 16 kilo-ohms (16KΩ) and a tolerance of ±1%. This component is classified as a 1206 size resistor, indicating its physical dimensions.

For those who require this particular resistor for their projects or repairs, the good news is that RS-06K1602FT is available as an off-the-shelf item. This means that it can be purchased directly without the need to wait for production or manufacturing lead times. Its availability in stock ensures quick and convenient procurement for professionals and hobbyists alike.

One trusted supplier for acquiring the RS-06K1602FT resistor is the company known as F. They specialize in providing various electronic components, including resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors. In their extensive inventory, they have the RS-06K1602FT resistor readily available for immediate purchase.

The F 1206 series, to which the RS-06K1602FT belongs, is known for its high quality and reliability. The resistor is designed to withstand a power rating of 1/4 watt, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, be it in consumer electronics, automotive systems, industrial control, or other electronic projects.

The ±1% tolerance of the RS-06K1602FT resistor indicates that its actual resistance value will typically be within 1% of the specified 16KΩ. This level of precision is crucial for maintaining accurate circuit performance and minimizing errors.

In terms of physical appearance, the RS-06K1602FT is a surface mount device (SMD), specifically in the 1206 package size. The 1206 package size, measured in terms of the resistor's length and width, is 1.6mm by 0.8mm, making it relatively small yet suitable for manual soldering or utilizing automated pick-and-place machines during the assembly process.

The significance of the RS-06K1602FT resistor in electronic circuits cannot be understated. Resistors are essential passive components that control the flow of electric current within a circuit, helping to limit the current or provide a specific voltage drop. The RS-06K1602FT, with its 16 kilo-ohm resistance, can be deployed in various circuit designs, such as voltage dividers, current limiters, and biasing circuits.

In summary, the RS-06K1602FT resistor, part of the F 1206 series, is an easily accessible electronic component offering a resistance of 16 kilo-ohms with a ±1% tolerance. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and is available for immediate purchase as an off-the-shelf item from F and other trusted suppliers. Its reliability, compact size, and precision make it a valuable component in electronic projects and repairs.







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